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Secrets of the Master Teachers

Share secrets that the masters practice

Master Teachers aren’t born that way, but they sure make it look like they were!
Every teacher can be a classroom wizard. Here’s the Proof.

"Do what I do — not just what I say!"

Rossel goes beyond "talking about" the classroom and brings the teachers interactive personal experience in

  • Motivation

  • Small group work

  • Pacing

  • Adjusting

  • Planning

— the deepest secrets of the Master Teachers.


"Apply what you learn — right away!"

Teachers — veteran and novice alike — take away

  • new skills

  • new techniques

  • new understandings

  • renewed confidence

Be prepared to discover how to create a classroom built on caring and sharing, knowing and doing — the kind of classroom every Master Teacher likes.

For all teachers, kindergarten to adult.
Session options from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

• Make it happen!

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