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Classroom Magic

The Workshop that Started It All!

It’s new & different every year, but the essence stays the same because the essence is magic — and it works!

Literally thousands of teachers have found Managing the Jewish Classroom: How to Transform Yourself into a Master Teacher (Torah Aura Publications) to be an invaluable aid to teaching in the Jewish classroom. In truth, Managing is based on hundreds of effective teacher in-service workshops and seminars. This workshop is based on best practices — constantly distilling the best techniques and skills and passing them on from teacher to teacher & from year to year.

How can we change text into curriculum while holding student attention from the first to the last moment of class?

That is what Master Teachers do — every time they step before a class.

What do Master Teachers know that other teachers need to know?

This is the workshop that “spills the beans.” Teachers learn to plan lessons in a new way, execute what they plan, and keep students with them all the way.

Classroom Magic is a Rossel classic, highlighted by a striking PowerPoint presentation. (Session times can range from 90 minutes to 3 hours and beyond.)

Believe it: Every teacher is a potential classroom wizard.

That’s what Seymour Rossel believes and that’s what makes every teacher training session with Rossel an extraordinary event. Teachers leave with new tools, new skills, and new confidence.

Master Teachers Offer Choices!

Typical Teacher In-Service Offerings

  • Ten Commandments for Classroom Discipline

  • Secrets of the Master Teachers

  • Classroom Magic

  • OR: “Roll Your Own”

How do you want to help your teachers? When it comes to teaching, Rossel can customize a workshop for your setting. Do you want to feature Bible teaching; history; class management; prayer; holidays and customs; games and reinforcement; evaluation and accountability; teaching Israel, American history, or the Holocaust; ethics and values, or lesson planning? You decide the intensity and the length based on what your teachers need — Rossel will take it from there.

Another Teacher In-Service

And Another

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