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Book cover: How to Get God on Your Side

How to Get God on Your Side

Hardcover, 160 pages, $27.95
     ISBN-13: 978-0940646810
Paperback, 160 pages, $15.95
     ISBN-13: 978-0940646827
Kindle, $9.99

Ideas You'll Be Thankful For

“My long-time friend, Rabbi Seymour Rossel, has blessed us with a wise and contemplative companion guide for the journey of life. He fuses the wisdom teachings of the Judeo-Christian tradition with the insight of the mystics. He presents his work in a clear package that can be read all at once or as a helpful daily devotional.”

— Rev. Andy Noel, United Methodist Pastor (Ret.), Houston, TX

Is your goal

  • to be good to yourself, while not denying yourself to others?
  • to release negativity that hinders your accomplishments?
  • to compel your values to propel you forward?
  • to gain self-confidence and become self-motivating?
  • to eliminate decisions and attitudes that block success?
  • to accelerate healing and move toward optimum health?

Some folks spend a lifetime wondering why bad things happen to good people or good things come to the undeserving while other folks achieve success, overcome fear and doubt, gain inspiration and creativity, and find new health and self-esteem by using the techniques you can discover in How to Get God on Your Side. Why wait? Begin being a better you today.

How to Get God on Your Side is the kind of gift that comforts and heals folks suffering from separation, pain, loss, and grief. It’s a slim gem of wisdom to inspire folks who already believe and reassure folks who may very well doubt. It’s a self-help book for folks who seek meaning and satisfaction. Self-help, inspiration, and healing—spelled out in 100 simple activities that you can see yourself doing and find yourself enjoying.

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Book cover: How to Get God on Your Side