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The Making of the Bible

A Full-Color Multimedia Presentation!

Using archaeology, literary analysis, and deductive detective work that would make Sherlock Holmes proud, we can now reconstruct decisive moments in the making of the Hebrew Bible.

Through charts, photographs, graphics, and technical drawings, we encounter critical moments in the biblical narrative, examining how decisions made by ancient authors and editors resulted in the Bible we know today.

Depending on our actual time together, we examine

  • The two stories of Creation

  • The interwoven stories of Noah and the Flood

  • The art of the patriarchal narratives

  • The crafting of the Sinai-Horeb story

  • The meaning of the Golden Calf to the rival kingdoms of Israel and Judah

  • The mystery of the “Book of the Torah.”

Join us to rediscover how the detective work was done and how scholars, ancient and modern, recovered the inner workings of the Bible after 2800 years.

Available Formats

• seminar • scholar-in-residence weekend • lecture or series of lectures • individual workshop segments

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