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Rooms of the Soul: A Novel Told in Hasidic Tales

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The Wise Folk of Chelm

The guide for reading Torah week by week!

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Click any panel for descriptions of Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls workshops, lectures, & more

How we know what the authors and editors of the Torah and the Bible had in mind; and how we know who they were.

Study the actual texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls; discover people, places, & events they illumine; & consider their meaning now.

A close look at the Bible’s book of beginnings and what the Book of Genesis is really trying to tell us.

The legacy of the Writings, from scrolls that read like storybooks to wisdom literature and the Book of Job.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst…” — Follow two women from idyllic village life to ostentatious palace courts.

Click any panel for descriptions of Teacher In-Service workshops, weekends, & more

Turning teachers into classroom wizards is a Rossel specialty. Every in-service workshop is tailored to your school.

“Commandments” for classroom management. Interactive & challenging, teachers apply what they know & discover new tools.

Teachers — veteran & novice alike — leave with new techniques, new understandings, & renewed confidence. For all teachers, k-college & beyond.

Tricks and tips that make any curriculum sing and give teachers the master teachers’ edge. A Rossel classic, highlighted by a colorful and memorable visual presentation.

Click any panel for descriptions of “Topical Topics” — uniquely Rossel stuff!

Celebrate 5,000 years of great Jewish teaching in legends, tales, & stories. Based on Seymour Rossel’s book The Essential Jewish Stories.

Consider the four ways our ancestors “heard” God’s voice and discover the one path that tradition teaches is open to us today.

The momentous first centuries shaped the Judaism we live & breathe. This colorful presentation explores events that changed the world.

Fake News is nothing new. Explore how governments in ancient times –throughout Bible lands — used “The Big Lie.”

From Chelm to the Baal Shem Tov, from Elijah the prophet to Albert Einstein — Rossel has a unique way of bringing stories to life.

Click any panel for descriptions of workshops, lectures, & text study on Jewish Magic & Mysticism

The basics of Jewish mystical teachings, with a side-glance at the wild world of Jewish magic through the ages.

Can modern Jews — Reform, Conservative, Humanist, & Reconstructionist — find spirituality without losing faith in science & logic?

Is the “D”-mail in your life going unanswered? Understand dreams in the Bible & how dreams are embedded into our Jewish heritage.

Jewish mystical movements in biblical, talmudic, & early medieval times & their influence on the Jewish soul.

Major Jewish mystical moments since 1492 and how they shape and continue to inspire modern Jewish religious movements.

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