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Essential Jewish Teachings

Encounters with the Jewish People

Not only the teachings of Judaism, but the art of Jewish teaching has been a major contribution of the Jewish people to Western civilization. In the expression of Dr. Joseph Campbell, it is fair to say that, ancient or modern, all humans share “a basic need for myths to shape our lives.”

From The Essential Jewish Stories, Rossel selects Jewish myths and legends — and takes them for an interactive test drive. These are Jewish tales of passion, of greed, of adventure, of kindness and enthusiasm, of murder and revenge, of ideals and romance — tales of the heart and tales of the soul.

Prepare to examine and discuss (even to debate) “teaching stories to live by” arranged according to four classic themes employed through three thousand years for inspiring and informing the Jewish people. The four themes are

  • God

  • Wisdom

  • Community (The People & Their Lives)

  • Faith

The values expressed are shared by Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike; and the odds are you will find yourself telling these tales and applying them to your life long after your encounter with Rossel is complete.

Available Formats

• seminar • scholar-in-residence weekend • lecture or series of lectures • individual workshop segments

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